Account Settings. u/freeingMeFromMyself. And I highly suspect it is because your OCD make you go into this “sexual mode”. We are here because OCD tears families apart and leaves people isolated and exhausted. For men, this can be just a feeling or having an erection. Don't know why groinal response happened Homepage › Forums › Support From Our Forum Community › OCD and Intrusive Thoughts › Don't know why groinal response happened This topic has 4 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 6 months, 1 week ago by ihateocdsomuch. Posted in HOCD | Tagged dealing with hocd, erp for hocd, gay or hocd, gay person scared to be straight, groinal response hocd, HOCD, hocd arousal feels real, hocd blog, hocd female, hocd hannah, hocd hannah interview, hocd help, HOCD interview, hocd male, hocd men, HOCD obsessing I am gay, HOCD or gay, hocd or gay realization, hocd stories. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. 3) You are spending way to much time analyzing the "sensation" in your head. Developing an understanding of OCD is a vital part of the recovery journey. Many people with HOCD obsess about experiencing a "groinal response " that they have in reaction to anything they perceive as being potentially "gay", such as: 1 Exposure to attractive people of the same gender. Food does not affect the absorption of Strattera. ) I have had some pretty bad Health OCD for most of my life. Don't fall for it. OCD is not just hand washing or checking appliances, it's feeling completely out of control of your mind, because terrifying thoughts that are completely alien to you keep entering your mind and you can't stop them. Groinal Response deleted_user 04/11/2010 If you ever feel guilty about being a pedophile and it only gets reinforced because of a feeling down there that you get, its normal because we OCDer constantly fear it and thefore our brain focuses that attention down there creatting that feeling which is also called "groinal response". I wasn't looking for any kinky wierd porn or this type of porn that triggered my hocd and gave me this bad Groinal response. In OCD, obsessions are marked by intrusive thoughts, images, fears, doubts, or impulses. In 7th grade, close to a decade before knowing OCD was anything besides a preference for cleanliness and organization, I was sitting on the sidelines of the gymnasium for cheerleading practice. In the OCD community, there are some awesome articles written about groinal response and its relationship to OCD that discuss this very distressing experience. 2021: Author: azureni. Here, a straight cisgender man may. A groinal response in the context of the OCD experience is: Any physical reaction in the genital area (movement, tingling, swelling, etc. Posted 2021-06-21. That explains the groinal response and indicates that out of fear you can have this response when you are thinking about your penis at the time when questioning whether or not you are gay. About Constant Groinal Response. Indian J Psychiatry.